•   Design help in order to ensure the most economic and efficient solution.
  •   Prototype samples that guarantee the drawing functionality.
  •   Design value which meets your budget.


  •   Wide variety of equipment for product manufacturing.
  •   Wire manufacturing capabilities from 2.0 mm up to 10.0 mm.
  •   Cutting edge technology to minimise production time.
  •   Fully trained working personnel.


  •   Full range of coatings in order to suit in all the project requirements.
  •   Chromium, nickel and galvanized coatings.
  •   Powder coatings.


  •   Final inspection of the final product that guarantees excellent quality and reliability.

We undertake special constructions

About us

Since 1980, Wirecon has been developed in a modern and progressive company. Combining technical experience with modern manufacturing technologies, Wirecon manufactures quality products for commercial use.

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  Palaiologou Thoma Terma, Aharnai,
Attici, P.C. 136 71, Greece

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